First day without my car!

Last night I locked the car and put the key away for six weeks. Felt sad. Goodbye comfortable upholstered seats, on board sound system and heater, hello cold and wet.

Today is the first day of my carless Lent.

Am now on the train to Salisbury to the 8.00am Eucharist for Ash Wednesday at St Thomas, followed by a day interviewing vicar candidates for St Paul’s. 44 miles on the train and two miles walking today.


One thought on “First day without my car!

  1. Graeme

    Dear Bishop Edward – It is wonderful to see this example being set. The demands on Clergy’s time are huge, and therefore I expect that there will be some expectation management being done because you are limited in the speed with which you can make it from one location to another. Cycling blesses you with the ability to take your time, to reflect and pray as you ride and to leave behind the burdens of one meeting as you head to the next.

    I love cycling as a primary form of transport, and find it a meditative process. While my body is occupied with a familiar task, my mind and heart are free to reflect and pray.

    God bless you – thank you for doing this.


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