Primroses and a Pashley Sovereign

Warminster to Salisbury and back by bike today. 22 miles each way. Buzzards and red kites,  primroses appearing on the banks and the floods receding.

Today I am riding a Pashley Sovereign with a hand-built 24.5″ frame and double top tube,  28″ wheels, 5 speed Sturmey Archer hub gears, hub brakes and dyno, and a black Brooks B33 natural leather saddle with rear coil and front loop springs.


The A36 enters Stoford from the north. Photo (C) Google Maps.

If that means nothing to you, think Very Big Heavy Black Bike with loads of  shiny chrome and the biggest loudest bell anyone could ever wish for. Pashleys are hand built British bikes made in Stratford on Avon.

It’s like riding a stately 1950’s Bentley. It weighs hugely more than any other  bike in the known universe, and was the most extraordinarily generous gift from Downland Cycles in Canterbury in 2012.

I love it.

Total so far: Rail 44 miles, Bike 44 miles, Walk 2 miles.


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