Does God Travel On First Great Western?

I have never thought I was very good at prayer. I do think it is a job to be done. I do think we worry too much about how it works, or not. I also feel strongly that too many words are spilt concerning the effect prayer has on us, as if it were simply an inward ego-centred thing.

But I do know that for prayer to spill over into the rest of your life you have to give it time. There has to be a rhythm. For rushing about activists like me that’s not always easy.

Giving up the car has something to do with this. You can’t just jump in the driver’s seat whenever you want, set the Satnav, and zoom off. You have to plan for a longer cycle ride. You have to work your time round the train timetable.

Day 3 and I’m still finding it a bit stressful. No quick lift in the family motor to the station this morning, so I had to walk fast to catch the 7.39.

Off to Manchester to a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Churches’ Credit Union. A good thing to do.

I’m going to have to say morning prayer on the train, using the phone app. Does that count? Does God also travel on First Great Western?

Train 438 miles, Bike 44, Bus 2, Walk 2. Total 486 car miles saved.

Edward Condry, Bishop of Ramsbury


4 thoughts on “Does God Travel On First Great Western?

  1. Stephen Ball

    I have often found God sitting next to me on a train. It’s not that he isn’t in the car with me, it’s just that I don’t notice him so much.

  2. Penny

    Rhythm of prayer is a truly wonderful thing – I pray you will find it deepen within you over these 6 weeks; you will be a blessing greater than you can imagine all who look to you.


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