A Perfect Sunday and a Dawes Galaxy

DSC_0399Such a perfect day: the sun shining and no wind. All cyclists will be happy.

Twenty five miles today from our home, first, to Keevil for the communion service at 9.15. 11 miles away so I left with plenty of time to spare and arrived with half an hour early to the sound of the bells floating up the hill. Off then to St James Trowbridge, part of the same Benefice with the same excellent vicar. I don’t think he believed me that I could make the 5 miles between churches in time for the second service.

No problem. I even had time for coffee. I would have been even quicker of I hadn’t taken a short cut along what proved to be a deep muddy track.  Was riding my old school 1989 Dawes Galaxy touring bike, with seven cogs at the back (most now have ten), and down tube friction shifters. A classic bike that has taken me all over the country, and which my son once cycled to Istanbul. Taping the Bishop’s staff to the top tube, as seen in the photo, seemed to work fine.

Came back still in unlikely sunshine. Oddly exhausted, but then I realised I hadn’t eaten anything apart from a chocolate biscuit. Re-fuelling system necessary in future.


One thought on “A Perfect Sunday and a Dawes Galaxy

  1. malcolm smith

    Congratulations – early cycle rewarded with early sun – the joy of biking! – malcolm, Ayrshire. P.S. at least YOUR son did not loose your Galaxy


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