Day 5: The inconvenience of it all

Car miles saved: Train 460, Bike 101, Bus/Tram 2 Walking 2. Total 565 miles.

It’s not the athletic challenge of giving up the car. It’s the organisation. The car just makes things so easy.

But, this is showing me how dependant we are on the tin box on wheels. If we are going to do something about climate change it won’t make our lives more convenient. That’s not the point.

A list came through on email of some of the parishes which have taken up the 40:40:40 carbon Fast Challenge. Excellent.

Today, I caught the 8.09 from Warminster to the Office at Salisbury. Normally, I’d finish seeing everyone I needed to, and then head back home before going out again in the evening.

No chance.

So, I’m sitting in the office catching up with the all the things I should have done last week.

However, this evening is an athletic challenge. I’m off to Broad Chalke to give a Lent Talk. That’s only about ten miles. After that it’s 25 miles home over the hills in the dark. The OS map cheerfully marks the road from Dinton to Wylye (in the daylight one of the grandest roads in the country) with several threatening arrows.

I’ve brought the Dawes Galaxy again. It has a very low gear, which would grind up the slope of a house roof.



2 thoughts on “Day 5: The inconvenience of it all

  1. joanna naish

    You are going the right way for the worst of the climbs … but beware the railway level crossing just before the road up to Wylye which is a test for the brakes of any bike – familiar to my Dawes!


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