Night Ride

That was crazy madness. I’ve cycled over the Gotthard Pass, and the Grand St Bernard; three years ago I cycled from Lands End to John O’Groats, that 900 miles in 6 days. But Wiltshire’s 1 in 5’s in the dark after a long day’s work was a real struggle.

I kept trying to remind myself it was a beautiful night with moon and stars. A fox ran across the road surprised by my bike light, passing just three feet from my front wheel.

When I dreamt up this idea in January, I didn’t think it would be such a challenge.

A good day nevertheless, which ended with a welcoming group at Broad Chalke where we talked of prayer, and said compline together.


4 thoughts on “Night Ride

  1. ECP

    You’re an inspiration Bishop Ed. Keep at it. I’m loving hearing about the unsought blessings that are coming from this fast, and praying that the difficulties pale into insignificance in comparison. Perhaps some of us will gain the confidence from your efforts to do some thing remarkable this Lent too.

  2. Jenny Taylor

    You gave us such a good evening’s thought and we returned the favour by thinking of you on your return journey – keep thinking of those stars!! Thank you for coming to Broad Chalke.

  3. Lorraine Bewley-Tippler, Weston Favell.

    Terrific stuff, Ed. Though I notice you’re cycling in the cathedral close. In my day (70-73) the close constable would have been on our tails and telling us to dismount! You’ve inspired me to leave the car behind as often as possible.

  4. Selina Deacon

    Bishop Ed, your blog is so inspiring, thank you, its the idea of how organised you must be that makes me stop and think!


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