Prayer or petrol?

The Church would collapse without the car. My experience this week leads me to ask if we are more dependant on petrol than on prayer

So many of us drive to church. Boards, Councils, Synods would collapse. The cynic might say that was good.

I certainly could not do my job on a bicycle. At one time, presumably, Bishops trotted out on a Saturday afternoon, stayed the night in the Rectory, and then walked across to the parish church for the confirmation.

I am not into false nostalgia, although a few more people cycling on a Sunday would be good. But if the Church is serious about carbon reduction then it has to do more than insulate a few parsonages, turn down the church thermostat and put in low energy lightbulbs.

How can the church be less dependant in the car?

A good day today. Better than last night anyway. 35 miles bike and 20 odd on the train. Warminster to Amesbury to see the excellent vicar, Simon, and then on to Laverstock church primary school to bless their two new class rooms. A wonderful school. Home on the train.

And the long term weather forecast is dry! Huzzah!

First skylark singing his springtime heart out as I crossed Salisbury Plain.

Back on the Pashley. Very easy cycling but tough on the hills. Gradient meter on the bike touched 1 in 8 coming out of Shrewton and again at Great Durnford. That’s about the limit when the bike’s loaded up with cassocks and croziers.

Anyone lend the Bishop a horse?


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