Off to Ogbourne St George to meet the clergy of the Marlborough Deanery. How to go?

70 miles there and back on road bike would be a pleasant ride. But it’s foggy here on Salisbury Plain, and I can’t really justify spending quite so much time on the bike making a point.

So I’m on the train to Swindon via Bath Spa. Then 9 miles south to Ogbourne.

This time I’ve brought the Brompton folding bike. It means there’s no hassle on mainline trains.

I’ve been asked how much extra time all this is taking. To which the answer is probably not as much as you’d expect. Most of the lost is time I would have been eating toast and drinking coffee in the morning. And the bike is not hugely slower than the car.

The great advantage of trains of course is that you can work as you travel. Writing a sermon whilst driving the M4 is frowned on.


One thought on “Brompton

  1. Barbara

    Cycling in the fog is great as long as your lights (back and front) are up to the challenge. As for the excuses, well it is you that has to live with them. You may feel better if you use the train one way and cycle back. There is nothing like a good ride to clear your mind at the end of busy day.

    I think what you are attempting is wonderful. How many of your staff and congregation are using their bikes instead of their cars? In fact how many clergy are getting on their bikes? It would do the country good if the church, a great teacher, could lead by example throughout our small island.


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