Vicars on Bicycles

At Ogbourne St George to meet clergy and readers. Two turned up on their bicycles! Impressive. Clearly wise people who will go far.

Took me two hours by train and bike. But then I did an hour’s work on the train (Sunday’s sermon is in the bag), and it would have taken an hour by car. So nothing lost

Great cycle path from Swindon to Chiseldon and then a small country lane. I successfully negotiated the infamous Swindon Magic Roundabout on a Brompton. It is said that people drive for miles to experience the weird thrill of this piece of road engineering fantasy. Like a series if interlocking cogs and wheels, it must cause Satnav burnout. “Take the second exit, take the first exit, go right on the roundabout, do a U turn when possible….” I went very slowly round the outside, but at least i survived. Not as terrifying as cycling round the Arc de Triomphe in the rush hour.

Invigorating discussion about the local church with all at Ogbourne, following a plain and simple and uplifting Eucharist.


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