Sackcloth and ashes

Off to Canterbury this evening, to preach on Sunday morning. Off to the home of the Holy and Blessed Martyr St Thomas.

When Henry II came to ask forgiveness for the murder of Thomas Becket he came through the streets of Canterbury on his knees and then had himself whipped before the High Altar.

I’m not going to go quite that far, but I do have a PUBLIC CONFESSION to make. You see, I was going down on the train with the bike and a rucksack but now Sarah is coming. So it does seem silly if she drives along the motorway whilst I go in parallel in the train.

Doesn’t it?

I have failed already.

And worse I’m going to enjoy it, because not only do I get to spend some time with Sarah in the car, but I am also able to take Saturday off and go cycling with all my old friends. 60 miles, Lycra clad, the road bike at last. And it doesn’t matter what kind of state I’m in when I finish. Mud sweat bit no tears.

Good Gospel to preach on this Sunday, by the way. Nicodemus slipping out to find Jesus in the night.


2 thoughts on “Sackcloth and ashes

  1. JHW

    Dear Bishop Edwards,

    I am afraid I feel you have got this a bit back to front, As a cyclist I would have thought that a true penance would be ‘not ride a bike for the entirety of lent.’

    A s a fellow cyclist I will quite understand that this level of devotion would be beyond the abilities of a saint let a alone a mere man of the cloth and so you may choose another personal sacrifice.

    Anyway I wish you well

  2. Stephanie Houghton

    Hi Bishop Edward, I am loving your blog! I too am a cyclist also own a fleet including a Dawes super galaxy. But unlike you, I have had to temporarily decrease my miles as I am a Baha’i and am in the middle of the Fast! However I still manage 20 or so miles without feeling faint!
    I liked your comment about prayer needing a rhythm (much like dealing with Devon hills on 2 wheels) and certainly find that the Fast gets me back into that rhythm. Incidently, I have a retired Bishop Uncle – don’t think I’ll ever see him on his bike……!


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