Beans on toast

Every sport has its traditions. Rugby the haka, football its chants. Cycling has its cafes. A network of greasy spoons which caters for the simple old fashioned tastes of two wheelers. Big mugs of tea, and beans in orange sauce on toast. These days there’s a nod to healthy living as they always offer you a choice of brown bread.

Out with old friends. 65 miles in a figure of eight round Canterbury. We’ve cycled thousands of miles together , all over Europe. Consenting adults in vibrant Lycra.

The Catholic suggests that there’s too much pleasure in cycling for my car fast to be Lenten. He wants to know if this means he should drink more wine in Lent.


2 thoughts on “Beans on toast

  1. Paul Groundwell

    Really enjoying reading your blog and I’m very impressed with the mileages your covering. I’m not religious, I dropped on your blog via a link on the CTC newsletter. I say I’m not religious but I kind of think cycling is a form of religion in a strange sort of way so maybe I am after all? Good luck to you in your quest. Paul.

  2. Mike Nee

    Great seeing you yesterday.
    Cycling is a great leveller; different skills and fitness but we all look out for each other.
    As long as about the right number of people return, CVC directive 1 is satisfied. Come back soon plus we must send a raiding party Warmi nster way this spring


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