If I ever I make it to heaven I know the angels will be singing Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli. It was sung when I was made a bishop in Westminster Abbey 18 months ago. By glorious chance the choir sung it this morning at Canterbury Cathedral. The most wonderfully uplifting piece of music.

We were in Canterbury for ten years so it was good to go back to see old friends.

The journey back along the M3 re-convinced me that cars in large numbers are really rather horrible. I have to be honest: the car journey was more like penance. Enough of this: back on the bike tomorrow, the cyclepath to heaven for true believers (and lovers of Palestrina).


2 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Laura & Robin Hillman

    We are impressed by your efforts at leading a car-free Lent. Please spare a thought for those of us in the Diocese in Europe; We had a 90-mile round trip to get to Church this morning – and no public transport is available.

  2. Selina Deacon

    Wild Goose “Lent Discipline: an environmental challenge”, week 1 a Cyclist’s prayer;
    Thank you, gracious God,
    for the privilege of pedalling,
    for the chance to see so much more,
    for the opportunity to stop and talk or look and listen,
    for the exultation of racing down hills,
    for the increase fitness of struggling up them.
    Keep me committed when it is wet or windy.
    thank you gracious God for bicycles. Amen

    As I do one mile to your two hundred praying for you and our beautiful world


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