Carbon Fast

An email from old friends and neighbours Robin and Laura who have now moved to France. Remember us in the Diocese of Europe where we have to drive 45 miles to church on a Sunday morning, and then back again.

Indeed. The issue of trying to be mean with our carbon use is not making ridiculous demands, but we are being urged to be cautious even stringent in our use, when we can be.

The south western diocese of the Church of England have challenged individuals and churches to reduce our carbon use by 40% in Lent. That is an ambitious target. You can find out more at

People keep asking me if I will carry this on once Lent is over. I don’t think I could give up the car long term. But I can catch the train to Salisbury more. I can cycle locally. I can take the Brompton on the train more. If you meet me after Easter, make sure you challenge me, to see that I haven’t slipped back to my old ways of hopping into the convenient car.

Total so far 726 miles saved, being 564 train, 158 bike, 2 on the tram, and 2 walking. Lots more this week!


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