I was the only one who took his trousers off as he entered the party. It did cause some consternation. Fortunately, it was soon realised that they were my perfectly named Berghaus Deluge trousers and underneath was my dry preserved suit.

To Longleat for the Mayor’s party in the Great Hall. Everyone in Warminster who supports the community: Foodbank, multiple sclerosis, the churches, the town football club and many more. So many good people. All very encouraging.

I was told about the banana factory that used to be in Warminster. Wasn’t sure if this was an early April Fool.

The trip there and back on the Pashley was interesting. Heavy rain. If you know the hill out of Longleat you will know that it is long, very steep and slow. The Pashley Sovereign weighs over 50lb which is 2½ times the weight of my road bike. And it only has five gears. So my muscles were screaming a bit by the top of the hill. From Longleat into Warminster therefore it is a 5 mile downward glide. Perfect. And Thank You, Trousers.


One thought on “Untrouser

  1. Jane

    It’s quite true about the bananas – the Geest Distribution Depot was off Copheap Lane. Not a factory, though………….


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