Sitting on Salisbury Station. Wind whistling down the platform. It’s raining. Trousers clinging cold and clammy.

But HOORAY. 1000 miles completed.

Off to Combe Bissett this evening for a Lent Address. Into Salisbury on the train and out to Combe Bissett over sharpish hills. Someone once said that believing in God and travelling by National Rail were both much the same kind of activity. You never quite know when you’re going to arrive. So, yes, the train was late. I cycled hard and made it in time for coffee , and a chocolate biscuit. (Thank goodness I haven’t given up chocolate as well).

I passed the 1000 mile landmark somewhere on the way back in the dark.

And now the train back is 20 minutes late. No matter. I should be home in time for Rev on BBC2.


One thought on “1000

  1. Jenny Taylor

    Congratulations on achieving 1000! The Chalke Valley is pleased to have played a part in this achievement!


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