One Thousand Miles

I should pass 1000 miles this evening when cycling back to Salisbury station from Combe Bissett. That’s 1000 miles in 20 days.

I get asked lots of questions.

Are you fitter? Yes, a bit. The hills are easier.

Have you lost weight? An ounce or two.

What kind of a sacrifice is cycling a nice bike? This will require a few more words.

First, would you rather not have a chocolate biscuit or cycle 35 miles in rain and hail. I think there’s enough pain in this carless Lent for the real puritans.

Secondly, I’m making a point about climate change and how we each have to take responsibility.

Thirdly, physical exercise is a godly thing.

I could say more.

I am enjoying it. Mostly. And surely faith is something to he enjoyed. I realised yesterday that I’d stopped worrying about time, and all its pressures. I was very happy just pedalling along the way.


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