Leisure Activities

Men are supposed to spend time off washing cars. I did get the lawn mower started after winter hibernation. Otherwise this morning I fiddled with bikes, mending punctures and checking gears.

If you happen to have read these ramblings you may have noticed that I have more bikes than anyone reasonably needs. Very un-green, I know. They do all have different purposes. I haven’t mentioned the unicycle (beyond me I’m afraid) or the 1957 Raleigh Superbe.

This evening we shall slip out on the tandem, a 1988 Dawes Super Galaxy. I change the gears whilst Sarah pedals on the back and does a running commentary and observes nature notes.

And then there’s some rowing training for this year’s green holiday (phew) in which we will row 120 miles down the Thames from Lechlade to London in a 100 year old mahogany camping skiff.

No fossil fuels. The skiff runs entirely on flapjacks and bananas.

Not quite three men in a boat, and our Montmorencies will have to stay at home. We will take some tinned pineapple and the owner says he will provide a tin opener. All shall be well.


2 thoughts on “Leisure Activities

  1. FC

    Many here in the East are wondering why the unicycle has yet to emerge from your garage. Paired with a flowingly on-trend cassock it could have a striking spiritual effect in your diocese. What’s more, scientists long ago found the one-wheeled design to have considerably less environmental impact than a horse, let alone your average pashley – which as any fule no is forged in enormous coal-fired furnaces by workmen fed on steak and palm oil. I urge you to expand your fleet, marginally.


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