Episcopal Walks

A pale sun and mist on the hills. Today is the day for our second Bishops’ walk. This time the three Salisbury bishops are doing it together. So let’s get over all the jokes about you wait years and three come along at once.

We’re walking from Amesbury to Stratford sub Castle along the Woodford Valley. Amesbury was the site of a magnificent (Augustinian?) Abbey. Stratford is sub the Castle because once it stood at the foot of the hill on which Sarum’s Castle sat. The first Salisbury Cathedral was on the hill too. So we will be visiting our forebears.

Along the way we will be going to Wilsford and Great Durnford, which has the oldest pews in the country. Evensong at Stratford around 15.45. 10 miles.

The highlight will be Woodford Primary School who have invited us to eat our sandwiches, and then they have asked if they can pray with us.

To get to Amesbury for the start, however, means a train to Salisbury and then a jog to catch the bus back out to Amesbury.

Totals, 1295 miles, 998 train, 244 bike, 28 bus , 29 walking.


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