Night Rider

Storming ride back from Melksham last night. Service at St Michael and All Angels followed by excellent refreshments (5*’s in the episcopal guide to good churches). Finished at 9.00.

Decided to beat the train back so pedalled hard the 12.5 miles home. Averaged 14 mph which on a Pashley fully loaded with episcopal clobber is the equivalent of the four minute mile.

There was another motive. To get home in time for Rev. It’s said this is documentary rather than comedy. There are a lot of sharp comments on today’s church. The talk of “presence and engagement”, “how to be the church” are real and embarrassing examples. The talk on transforming your church (Invade, Evangelise Deliver) was perfect.

It’s sad as well as funny. Quite different from the Vicar of Dibley or Father Ted.

I used to get called Father Ted by strangers on the Underground. I’m sure it wasn’t meant as a compliment, but I took it as one.


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