Another train to London. This time to discuss the recent statistically based report from the church growth project. Statistics are always a difficult basis for decision making, as so many variables are involved. Human systems do not take kindly to measurement.

Trusty Brompton is with me again today. These folding bikes are ever more popular. There were three in my carriage alone this morning.

They are strong well-built and brilliantly designed. Their small wheels do not deal well with potholes however, and they can be lethal cornering in the wet. They do ensure that at London meetings you’ve managed to get the mood flowing and oxygen in your lungs instead of emerging blinking from the tube.

This morning the ticket machine said it was going to cost £180 for a return. But then they charged me £38.50 for a single. Perplexing.


One thought on “Waterloo

  1. Mary Davis

    Saved yourself some money, the environment, AND got your exercise too! I’d say it was a win-win. Are you losing weight as well? If so, win-win-win!


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