Gulp. Walking happily to the station. Sun shining. Birds singing. Aaaggghhh. Forgot sermon for Cathedral this afternoon.

Ran back with episcopal clobber in big bag. Had to beg a lift in the forbidden car to catch the train in time. Either four-wheeled humiliation or missing the service. Chose practicality and jumped in the car. Just made it to the station. Phew.

Pleased to hear of yet another person who has started cycling again this Lent. After four weeks she can now cycle into Warminster up West Street which is doing well.

Lots of talk about pollution and particles in the news. Before climate change we were worried about pollution. It’s rather disappeared as a topic recently.

This should remind us. Another reason to go two-wheeled, and let the train take the strain.

And so to the Cathedral for a confirmation: singing and celebration. This is one of the privileges of being a bishop. Alleluia!


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