I do get tempted to use the car for work. I do get lots of questions about whether I accept lifts. So what’s the point of sticking to your Lenten fast?

Does God love you more if you avoid chocolate for forty days? No.

Does God reward you if you avoid cake from Ash Wednesday to Easter? Absolutely not.

Love and faith are not quantifiable. Not open to key performance indicators (“Darling, you’ve only bought me two bunches of flowers this month”).

Religious actions are expressions of faith and love. The discipline of Lent is one more way we try to remind ourselves of where our priorities are.

It looks to me as if this week I’m going to have to accept a couple of lifts, as I don’t think I’m physically capable of fulfilling my work commitments otherwise.

Will God send down punishments? No. Will I be a bit disappointed. Well yes, but only because I hate failure. But that’s my personality not my faith.


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