Good and bad nature

We have two nuthatches in the garden. And blackcaps, and woodpeckers. This is good. We also have foxes, which, when you have hens, is bad.

So we’ve spent this afternoon putting up an electric poultry fence. This means that the average cost per egg laid will rise to about £83m but it does mean that the afternoon fox will go hungry. This is good, especially if you are a hen.

Managed to give myself an unexpected shock from the fence. Apple cake with caramel sauce has healed the wounds.

A good week ahead with lots of train bus bike and walking.

Tomorrow morning I have been asked to speak at a men’s breakfast about some problems facing the Church Of England. I refuse. I shall speak about hope instead.


One thought on “Good and bad nature

  1. stephpep56

    Last week I went foraging to find the makings of wild weed fritter’s. The only thing I lacked was a good hen’s egg, I love hens but can’t fit them on my balcony. I am glad your’s are surviving with your hard work. (though I love foxes too) .


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