Just not my day

I left home when it was not raining. By the time the Pashley got to the end of the drive (only 5 metres – this is no palace) I was soaked. Arrived at Men’s breakfast cold and soggy. Black pudding and bacon, and good conversation warmed me up!

Now on Salisbury station and the Cardiff train is 20 minutes late. Rats. I am totally committed to the idea of public transport. But this means I’m going to be late back and I shall probably find someone sitting on the doorstep wondering where I am.

Giving up the car does make you realise your dependance on others – that is a spiritual experience. But our lives are so dependant on the immediacy and flexibility of the car. To be honest finding the train is late again does not give me holy thoughts.

Nevertheless, the Pashley is now booked on the train for tomorrow’s expedition to Tidcombe. Two trains and a ten mile bike ride before beginning another pilgrimage walk.


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