Hitting the Wall

I used to find, when running marathons, that 20 miles was the low point. All hope seemed to drain out. Yesterday was my Lenten low. A long journey by bus to Marlborough from Salisbury. Then a hugely delayed train trip back meant I got home tired and fed up.

Marlborough itself – ironically for a lecture on hope – was fine. Warm and encouraging.

Today looks better. I’m on the train to Salisbury. I shall certainly use this train more once Lent is over. Cunningly I left the beloved Pashley in the office last night. So now I have the prospect of a 22 mile spin home in light sunshine this evening. Hooray.

So I am through the Lenten wall. Does Lent end on Maundy Thursday or Easter Day?

1800 miles past.

There is a shimmering purple fritillary blooming in the garden.


One thought on “Hitting the Wall

  1. david lintern

    Thank you. I have really enjoyed your blog, not least as we go “car-free” next week. It will be easy for us, small family in a large city, but we will face challenges and frustrations I’m sure. The bigger picture of being healthy and limiting our impact on the environment will sustain us, but I hope we also “hit the wall” quite quickly and then come through to the sunlit uplands of peace. I’ve been enthused by your reflection on having time to reflect ! This has forced you to spend more time travelling slower, and has enforced delays to your day. Time for reflection is so hard to find, so I look forward to that silver lining in due course. Chapeau, and thanks once again.


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