With just a week or so left of a carless Lent, back to principles.

I have given up the car because I believe that we each have a responsibility for God’s world and I believe that climate change is a massive threat. Politicians seem unable to act because they are rarely able to think long term beyond the next election. So it’s up to us.

One person rightly commented earlier that he had been cycling hard for 5 years and reckoned he had saved just 5 seconds of the output of Drax Power station. I do believe that small actions are important. If you like, it’s one reason I pray. And if 10m people cycled then we would save significant amounts.

I am also concerned about the growth not of climate change deniers alone, but of the adapters. The one who want to make economic gain from increasing temperatures. By this the division between rich and poor will become still greater. As Rowan Williams, now Chair of Christian Aid, recently pointed out, it is the poor of the world who will suffer first and most from climate change.

It is just lucky for me that my particular response this Lent has been more cycling. I love it.


2 thoughts on “Review

  1. Chris Bainbridge

    Thank you for your blog. It has been a real joy to read and if you are ever up in Derby I would love to show you some of the peak district (don’t bring the Pashley!). I commute by bike as often as possible and find it so much more relaxing than the car.

    I think we get sucked into thinking we need the car, the extra food, etc when we don’t. My wife and I have been doing the 4:3 fasting diet and it has amazed us how much our food intake has dropped without us feeling ill, developing severe malnutrition, etc. Our lent reading last night was Matthew 25 and I was struck that the people that did each thing were probably only noticed to have done it by Jesus himself.

  2. Rosemary

    Every day i look forward to reading your blog – it has been truly wonderful and today, you seemed to have captured in a few lines the essence of how every little thing we can all do, however small it may feel, can make a difference, to climate change and the lives of others. Lots of 5s of operation of Drax would indeed add up! Plus cycling is wonderful – you get to go at a perfect pace to enjoy nature and views of the countryside whilst going places in a way that rekindles feelings of childhood freedom!


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