Side Roads

If you’ve ever cycled in Italy you will know that you have a choice. The main roads follow straight paths along the valleys. The problem is that every lorry driver thinks they are Sebastian Vettel. Each one tries to come so close that they can shave off just a single layer of your skin.

The alternative is to take the side roads. But they follow winding intestinal paths up mountain sides.

I was pressed for time on the way to Trowbridge. So I went along Wiltshire’s valley main roads. Ten miles, spinning along at world record pace, 15mph, and made it in less than 40 minutes. I thought I’d take the scenic route on the way back. Wiltshire has no mountains but there are some steepish slopes. And some wiggly roads. A mile further and average speed down to less than 10. It was very beautiful however.

The bluebells are just coming out in all the woods.

Wonderful confirmation in St Thomas’s Trowbridge. And great cakes afterwards.


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