Final days

Only a few days left in Lent. Still a couple of long walks and cycle rides left. Today is a train day into Salisbury.

The press want to know what I have learnt about myself. A good Lenten question. Someone else asked whether it has brought me closer to God. Another good Lenten question.

I’ve been reminded of many things. The importance of taking individual actions. That faith is there to be enjoyed. (And how much I like cycling).

But about myself? I’m still thinking that one through. It’s something to do with the way that the car leaves you so in control. Something to do with the way that when you are cycling your senses are so alive. The sounds. The smells. The weather, both good and bad. I’ve had a few soakings. I’m on the train, and I’ve been watching a hare racing across a green field in the sunshine.

I think this is going to be my Holy Week question. What have I learnt about myself this Lent?


3 thoughts on “Final days

  1. James Young

    Dear Bishop Edward,

    I’m facing the prospect of not being allowed to drive owing to an illness just as we expect our first child. We are also considering moving out of London to the countryside, possibly somewhere near Salisbury as it happens. Your blog has given me hope and confidence – you’ve reminded me that individual actions via the more apparent less comfortable method can actually be more fulfilling and rewarding. So many opportunities starring us the face when we forget to not trust God. I’m off to buy a bike now.


    1. 2bishops Post author

      Thanks for your comment on my blog. Hope to see you if you move down this way. Make sure four bike has good gears for Wiltshire! +Edward

  2. mrhicksmcr

    Dear Bishop Edward,

    Thank you for your blog posts. I have been encouraged by them and you have certainly inspired me to spend at least 1 work day without a car. As a supply teacher have to say it is not always easy to get to and from the various schools I teach in without using a car, but combination of bike and train actually got me there in as quick a time as I would have done otherwise and certainly in a much better mood than if I’d sat in a traffic jam for an hour.

    I saw this video on a cycling blog about ‘cycling to work’ which I thought you might enjoy, being a ‘man of the cloth’.

    Easter holidays now, but will be making an effort to use my bike more in the term ahead, even if it does mean an earlier start.


    Peter (writing from Manchester)


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