Maundy Thursday

Into Salisbury Cathedral this morning for the renewal of Priestly vows. I’ve got to record the BBC Wilts Easter message, and give probably the final radio interview about giving up the car.

I’ve been surprised how much of a spiritual experience this giving up the car thing has been, in a way that struggling to give up chocolate had never achieved, for me. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but maybe it is as simple as having to change my life pattern and make an extra effort.

I should pass 2000 miles this afternoon on the train home. Then this evening I’m cycling over to West Lavington to the ordinands’ Easter week course. Another 26 miles. Holt and back tomorrow.

The highlight is going to be walking through the night to Wilton on Easter Eve with 20 pilgrims, to arrive for the dawn Easter bonfire and Eucharist.

My daughter brings me back down to earth. She’s spent the last four months without a car but the BBC has never phoned her. And she goes everywhere with one child in a wheelchair, the baby on her front, and the 2 year old on a scooter. That’s a real effort, not a temporary Lenten fast.


2 thoughts on “Maundy Thursday

    1. Sheelagh

      (Continuing!) I am really going to miss it after Lent. Thanks, too, for excellent comments in the Warminster Journal piece.


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