Good Friday

Off to Holt near Bradford on Avon a combination of bike and train. I think the Pashley is beginning to show signs of Lenten suffering. It’s developed a nasty squeal from the back tyre.

A simple service with a cross on the Village Green. Talked to someone who had decided to phone a friend every day in Lent. Ali spoke movingly of her journey to faith.


One thought on “Good Friday

  1. David Fraser

    Sheelagh is by no means the only person who is going to miss this interesting, often amusing and above all enlightening blog. With the power of the internet I suspect a whole new congregation beyond the boundaries of the Bishop’s Diocese is now following his daily blog.
    Please could it be continued, possibly on a weekly basis, so that those of us who have felt compelled to read it during Lent don’t have to stop ‘cold turkey’ tomorrow. A new way of thinking about our car dependency is urgently needed to reduce the ill effects of climate change. The blog is sowing a seed with the message that each one of us is capable of making a small difference and contributing in a meaningful way to a better world.


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