Car again. The clock still on pre-Ash Wednesday GMT. The heater on high for early March. Took a while to get used to it again.

So I’ve covered a total of 2056 miles, being train 1534, bike 378, bus 78, and walking 66.

I realise that when the global warming account is totted up that this will have prolonged the lives of 3 gnats by about 0.006 milliseconds.

But that’s not entirely the point. I believe that action can only start as we individually take responsibility. And as groups like churches work together

It has been a spiritual experience. At times profound in ways I wouldn’t find easy to share in the anonymous conversation of a blog.

I shall carry on with the bike and train. I may give the bus a miss. The pilgrimage and prayer walks were of great significance. I shall do more.

Thank you for reading any part of this. Thanks to those who have recorded messages and others who have sent emails, from around the world.

Sponsorship opportunities still available for my June ride at

There will be many more adventures.


One thought on “Cars

  1. Katy

    Me and my husband don’t drive (I can’t… Think I’d be a disaster in a car… Be one of those people who get shouted at for taking to long at junctions). We both commute by bike (and train for me).

    We gave up caffeine for lent. We still haven’t had a cup of tea since… Though I do fancy one! We do want to keep our caffeine intake down though.

    It would be nice if you could try to keep the carring down too. Do try.

    Also I would love your collection of bikes.


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