Prayers by moonlight

Morning prayer completed sitting by the Thames, moored downstream from Sonning. The Bishop of Ramsbury was once called the Bishop of Ramsbury and Sonning.

Last night’s prayers, however, were rudely interrupted by hailstones. “My soul magnifies the glory of the Lord oh no my sleeping bag is getting soaked.”

And then the moon came out and the water stilled, and there was a perfect pale reflection.

We’re on a week’s holiday sculling down the Thames in a beautiful 1880’s camping skiff. It’s a triple but there’s just Sarah and me. And hundreds of geese, Canada, Barnacle, Egyptian. A swan is eating banana cake from Sarah’s palm.

We have seen kingfishers, a grass snake swimming, as well as a muntjac crossing the river and climbing the bank.

Today we are rowing through Henley. So we shall try to look our best.

The Psalm this morning (135) praised God for wind and rain and lightning. I hope He’s not too generous today. .


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