We have one day left on the Thames. 14 miles. Lechlade, our starry, is 100 miles away. In the upper reaches the river twists and turns through high secret banks. On the first day we saw only a couple of boats. The only people we talked to were the lock keepers.

As the Thames moves towards London it broadens and enters the land of large houses. Notices appear on the banks saying “No Mooring” and “private”. Our favourite was a solitary notice which said, ” Private. Please do not read this notice.”

Now we pass under motorway bridges, and above them the flight path into Heathrow. Huge passenger carriers pass by with tour guides.

Everyone is still very friendly (apart from the owners of those notices), but re-entering the busy world somehow emphasises that Christian feeling of being slightly distanced from the world. A critical distance, with your heart somewhere else.


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