Cow Parsley

Everywhere I go people ask, “Did you come by bike?” It’s my own fault. And it’s easy to slip back into bad habits.

Yesterday I drove 100 miles in the car. I had a great time though. The lanes embraced by cow parsley.

First to Hilmarton’s St Lawrence to celebrate the opening of their community space. They have removed 5 pews and installed a kitchen and disabled toilet. They’ve done a great job.

Then to Wilcot village green for Songs of Praise with the Phoenix Brass Band. The church members are spending this week walking between all the churches in the team parish – I think there are 16 of them. A pilgrimage with prayer and chocolate cake. The best kind of pilgrimage.

Then on to St Nicholas of Myra at Little Langford. A gem of a church with every seat taken and a glass of wine afterwards looking up at the Great Ridge in the evening sun. Perfect.

A day to celebrate the rural church.

And another 100 miles today. Oh dear.

At least our holiday last week, rowing down the Thames was about ad low cat on as you cam get.


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