Early morning walk up on the Plain. The dogs are old and walk slowly. Butterflies now appearing in abundance. A small tortoiseshell, a small white, fritillaries of some sort, perhaps a meadow brown and a small heath, but they were moving quickly.

A Cinnabar moth, with military red stripes. Two great black slugs proud and shiny. A tunnel of white May blossom.

So yesterday a great day when Figheldean village hall was packed with people from around the Ramsbury area discussing hope in the rural church. So many positive stories. So much encouragement. The national rural officer, Canon Jill Hopkinson came. She told us that 40% of the people who go to an Anglican church go to a rural church. Yet the rural church is so easily disregarded, or seen as the past.

Now on the train to London. No car! Hurrah! And tomorrow to Salisbury by bicycle. A return to ethical standards.Phew. Do I cycle to Wootton Bassett on Friday morning. 60 mile round trip?


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