Dawn Raid

We’re entertaining churchwardens from the Chalke Valley this evening. Churchwardens are the unsung heroes of the Church of England. (Although their spouses generally claim that the title is properly theirs).

Then an hour or two’s sleep before heading off to Tidworth for a 02.00 start. I met a Colonel at a Harvest Supper last autumn when June 8th seemed a long long way away. He suggested I join them for a 100 mile bike ride. I didn’t take much persuasion. It’s in aid of Help for Heroes which is an excellent cause. If you’ve ever been to their centre at Tidworth you’ll know what fantastic work they do.

So far so easy. Then I found out the ride starts at 02.00. Always read the small print. But it should be great. The route takes us through the dawn over Box Hill, part of the Olympic Course, so we can all pretend to be Bradley Wiggins.

There is one rather embarrassing thing. Last September June 8th just looked like a blank Sunday in my phone diary. So I signed up, got some sponsorship (see http://www.bmycharity.com/EdCondry if you wish) and started anticipating the pain. Then I realised June 8th was Pentecost – not a day a Bishop should miss Sunday morning church. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone.

It is in a good cause.


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