Shrove Tuesday

The grandchildren are  about to arrive. Pancakes have been ordered. And then Lent begins. Another few weeks without the car, contemplating our excessive reliance on fossil-fuelled metal boxes, whilst delighting in the repetitive revolution of the pedals rolling me around Wiltshire’s beautiful landscape.

The dramatis personae this year are much the same. A 2012 Pashley Sovereign with 24.5 inch frame double top tube, 5 speed Sturmey Archer gears and a magnificent Brooks saddle with coiled stainless steel springs; an old style steel Brompton folder; a 1989 Dawes Galaxy, and a 1988 Dawes Galaxy tandem (Sarah will be coming sometimes too); the 1957 four-speed Raleigh Superbe as well as the Invicta road bike ( re-branded TifosI frame I think), together with trains and possibly buses.

And then there’s me, a bishop in the Church of England feeling a few more cracking joints and stiff muscles than last year.

Extraordinary how much interest this seems to generate. Last year my stray blogging was followed in 45 countries.  In the paper today it was reported that there are 10900 households without access to a car at all in Wiltshire, and not just in Lent. I have it easy. And I enjoy cycling after all.


2 thoughts on “Shrove Tuesday

  1. malcolm

    First time on your blog but I see it`s a lot of fun. BUT for you choosing a bike in the morning sounds like choosing `what to wear` is for my wife! I do envy you, your Brompton however. Or should I give up envy for Lent


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