Nadder Valley

Morning prayer today in the 07.12 chapel from Warminster to Salisbury, courtesy of First Great Western. Archdeacon Alan at the station ready and prepared for a long walk in the rain.

Within ten minutes we were at St George’s Harnham where 20 people had gathered to welcome us and say prayers. They are celebrating their 900th anniversary.

Alan and i gave spent the day in driving rain on a pilgrimage walk. 23 miles of Wiltshire, stopping at ancient parish churches. Greeted by priests and people, adding our prayers in each place to the worship of ages.

And cakes and home made biscuits wherever we went. Warm coffee and tea for cold hands. Chocolate fudge brownies at Barford St Martin. Trout pate (from Mere) baguettes at Dinton.

Anne and Katherine from our office came to greet us at St Edith’s Baverstock.

Somehow our feeble knees were strengthened and we kept going. Early signs of spring with snowdrops, and bluebells appearing. A red kite playing in the wind above Compton Chamberlayne. A threatening notice advising “attack chickens” by Dinton Mill.

Final prayers for the day at George Herbert’s church in Bemerton. Come my way my truth my life.

A glorious daY.


2 thoughts on “Nadder Valley

  1. gill anlezark

    Well done again, Bishop Ed and good luck and blessings for the rest of Lent. Look forward to reading more of the blog in the weeks to come.

    Gill and the COGS committee from Salisbury


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