Every Little

Total mileage today: ONE

Scarcely a huge adventure or punishing trial.

Friday is market day in Warminster. A day at home, except for a trip to the veg and fruit stall. So the total distance cycled was just one, being half a mile there and half a mile back. (On the 5 speed Pashley Sovereign with Ortlieb panniers).

But I would far too often have gone by car, with the excuse that I couldn’t carry everything and in any case I was short of time.

Of course the bike can carry everything. If I was really serious I would buy a bike trailer which can carry 50kg easily. And of course cycling is quicker over this kind of distance because you don’t have to negotiate the traffic, find somewhere to park and then walk to the shops.

There are so many journeys of 5 miles or fewer which would be easier on our bikes.

So today’s one mile is important.


4 thoughts on “Every Little

  1. margaret sheppard

    well done, what a great example, I hope that you carry on riding your bike and using sustainable transport. The benefits are many,firstly for you. You will feel much fitter and more alert.Secondly you will not be adding to the pollution in your town and setting a wonderful example to children and adults alike!

    1. Ramsbury Post author

      Thanks Margaret. Tomorrow I have to get to Corfe Mullen which is a 75 mile round trip but I just don’t have the time to do what would otherwise be a wonderful ride. So I have to go to Southampton and from there to Hamworthy by train and then just 5 miles to Corfe

  2. Francis

    Good work, bishop – keep pumping those pedals. My brother lives in Wimborne and cycles the area, so you might bump into each other one day soon.


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