Messy Bishop

“Do not go to church in your cycling costume.” The Bishop’s office Secret Santa gave me a book of bike quotations for Christmas. This one came from New York in 1895.

I did once turn up at St Peter’s Rome dressed in lycra. There were 27 of us who had cycled from Canterbury to Rome. That last day we cycled into Rome with the temperature over 40 degrees. we were tired and very sweaty by the time we got to the Vatican. We were welcomed by the Pope, and once we had got past the ring fence of the Swiss Guard we were given front seats for Vespers still dressed in our “cycling costume”.

Today the  conditions were bad, but in the other direction. Ice on the road. I decided it would be better to cycle on the A36 rather than the nearly parallel Sustrans route, in order to avoid the ice. The risk of faster traffic was slightly less. Fortunately , it was not too busy on a Sunday morning,

So I arrived at St Michael’s Bemerton Heath dressed in layer upon layer of fleece  and gore tex, with gloves that would survive a nuclear test. Fortunately there was somewhere to change into my Bishop’s kit. Lovely people.

23 miles in on the bike and the train back so that I had time for lunch (trout from the local fish farm) before leaving for Codford and Messy Church. This is part of a national movement of church for children. I almost didn’t go. The weather was even worse. Strong wind and freezing rain stinging the face. I was soaked through by the time I got there.

Why not give in and  take the car just once? Well, if you break the fast it’s like bursting the balloon. It’s never the same again.

38 miles on the bike today.


4 thoughts on “Messy Bishop

  1. Mike Nee

    From the catholic, I’ll give up not drinking beer on a mile for pint basis with you, keep on being a shining example.
    Really need to ride again with you soon.

  2. Mike Nee

    Damn you for making me check out definitions on Wiki…-never knew what “over” meant. I’m hitting the start of my 70th decade in August, I had wanted to walk to Santiago, but family stuff makes it impossible. How do you fancy a 2 or 3 day challenge to celebrate my 60th in early August? I’m sure I could drag down some reprobates. Cycle 10 times up Gold Hill at Shaftesbury or some other nonsense.
    ps I was lower case c…


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