Amesbury by train and bus

The problem with giving up the car is that it shows me that it would be really difficult to give it up and use the bike full time. Why? Because so much of my job depends on having a car.

It’s not the time. This morning I had to get to Amesbury which is over the rolling hills of Salisbury Plain from where I live. So I caught the train into Salisbury and then the Red bus out to Amesbury, the X5. Those of you who know Wiltshire will know that this is quite a dog leg, but it only took me one hour twenty minutes which isn’t hugely longer than it would have taken by car with early morning traffic.

One of the main differences is that you are dependant on other people’s timetables. You can’t just jump in the car and go. But you can plan well and this becomes no problem. It does not take much longer if you give up the car.

The main difficulty is simply that cycling there and back today would have been the best part of 50 miles. In the country it’s not like the choice between a three mile town commute in the car or on the bike. I’m used to cycling fairly long distances but 50 miles leaves me both tired and (sorry for the intimate details) sweaty. I don’t think I would have enough energy to cycle and then interview four people for a job as I did today.

Tomorrow I am off to Pewsey for another 20 mile pilgrimage walk around the parishes of Wiltshire. I’m getting there by train from Warminster. Very much looking forward to it.

Thanks to everyone for your helpful suggestions. I have now got my Brompton booked in for major surgery in Bath. I have recommendations for video conferencing. And, yes, I am going to write about the disappearing footpaths.

Today’s problem: I am planning another long distance ride with friends. This time it is from Nordkapp (Norway) home to Wiltshire. Does anyone have any knowledge of places to stay (hostels B&B cheap hotels) on the route, especially from Nordkapp down to Stockholm, for about, say, 8 people?

I missed my train at Salisbury by a few minutes as the bus was late. So now I have an hour’s wait. That’s the advantage of lap tops and WiFi, however. I can carry on with my work over a cup of coffee in the station caff. And I have a good book for when I have finished my emails.


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