Not speeding

The sign told that the speed limit was 40Mph.  This would be easily surpassed coming down the hill from Wylye into Dinton.  Going the other way my speed dropped to 4.1 mph. Gentle readers may not wish to know but I managed to cycle up Dinton’s without getting off to push.

30 miles yesterday and another 30 today. This morning there was ice on the road and at one point my wheels were turning without gripping as I climbed towards (the appropriately named) Gasper.

On the road to Maiden Bradley there were yellowhammers racing along the hedges. A March Hare raced me along the fence with his lolloping stride. A buzzard regarded me from a fence post. In the lane past Stourhead the first primroses were out.

This morning the crisp sunlight on the frosted downs was transporting.

We interviewed for the vicar’s job and duly appointed. We ate local chicken for lunch and drank fair trade coffee.

Afterwards I cycled home with the threatened rain of the grey clouds staying away.

I tried ringing round to find a replacement right front crank for the tandem.

As yet no success.


4 thoughts on “Not speeding

    1. Ramsbury Post author

      Thanks. SJS do not have 170mm square ended. The Dawes is an 8 speed as it is late 80’s and the crossover spider is 32 teeth. Modern Stronglights appear to be 39 teeth and designed for a 9 or 10 speed. Any thoughts?

      1. Peter

        Just a thought you could try Pashley at Stratford on Avon because they manufacture Dawes cycles. It is a long shot but worth a try.

      2. Ramsbury Post author

        Ah! I didn’t know it was Pashley. But I have contacted the Dawes website line and they just said that due to corporate changes their archive only goes back to 1997. JD tandems are my next try.

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