Sunny Ride

I went out for thrirty miles on the road bike this afternoon – just for fun. The early spring sun was low in the late afternoon. I cycled right round the Salisbury Plain military training area.

The road bike felt skittish after the heavy Pashley, and even after the Dawes Galaxy which is a tourer A road bike is lighter and faster. The frame is shaped differently to go for speed rather than comfort.

The danger on roads in Wiltshire is not just traffic, its holes, big ones, in the road. Hit one of those at the wrong angle and speed and you’re off. You are encouraged to report them. But there were too many. So I report that that the roads are full of dangerous holes.

This morning I went to a Fairtrade event in a hall in Warminster: coffee and cakes . A good cause. or rather a Movement. I was also able to have some good conversations.

We are holding hustings for all the main candidates in the General Election: Conservative, Labour, , Lib Dem, Green and UKIP on the Wednesday after Easter in Christ Church. I have been asked to chair the public meeting. So we had to agree the terms of engagement this morning: length of speeches, and so on. It was, thankfully, easier than current national equivalents.

Tomorrow Fonthill Bishop, Hindon, and Fonthill Gifford followed by a parish lunch. I’m a bit concerned that the weather forecast is fog for early tomorrow morning and I do not fancy cycling along the A350 in fog.


One thought on “Sunny Ride

  1. alison whiting

    I’m so enjoying your blog – once again! Have forwarded the link to my dad, who calls himself an atheist, but is an avid cyclist! I remember that he enjoyed it last year. Thank you – and all the best for the rest of Lent!


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