This is what a hen’s tooth looks like


Someone asked for photos. Well, here is a photo of a replacement 170mm reverse thread square tapered right hand crank for a tandem which arrived in the post this morning from JD tandems I cannot tell you how exciting that is. Now I can get the tandem back on the road.

After a day in Salisbury off to Bulford On the road bike. It us just so much faster. The problem us that you can’t carry anything that won’t fit in your pockets. But 45 minutes along the national cycle route along the Woodford Valley is good. Thank you Sustrans for another excellent way.

The first serious rain of this Lenten pilgrimage, with the wind blowing hard in my face on the way back. Wonderful sensation of speed and power in the darkness. Two lights on the back two on the front and one on my new helmet. All lit up like a Christmas tree, with a fluorescent coat to boot.


One thought on “This is what a hen’s tooth looks like

  1. Catherine Evans

    Glad you are so easily pleased! Enjoying the posts, off to Cambridge today with bikes, makes the park and ride much cheaper. Sadly only a fair weather, on the flat cyclist these days.


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