Yellow Brimstone

The first yellow Brimstone fluttered past the window as a I sat in the Bishop’s Chapel this morning. The aconites and primroses are out. In the garden we have Great Spotted Woodpeckers, nuthatches, blackcaps, long tailed tits, goldfinches, bullfinches and many others. Ravens and buzzards fly high over the house.

A day of meeting in Salisbury. We are now further investigating video conferencing via the computer to save time and mileage, and we hope also improve communication. This could be a positive outcome of giving up the car for Lent. The church, like many organisations, depends heavily on personal relationships, so the computer can never replace real meetings, but there are many times when good video links could allow us to make better use of our time and the planet’s resources. Has anyone used MS Lync? It should come with our new servers and should be free.

And even more happiness, even more than yesterday’s tandem crank in the post, I have found my Bishop’s cross. Every Bishop has a  cross, a ring and a pastoral staff. The cross was made my son, who works abroad, from a piece of oak from Canterbury Cathedral. It disappeared. The finger pointed either at the new puppy or three-year old grandson. I found it tucked away secretly. There were no teeth marks. Our grandson is a very splendid chap.



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