Cycling support from Parliament

The day began with a telephone conference of Sustrans Trustees. They are an impressive bunch. Transport policy is not going to be high on the political agenda in the election campaign, bit we have to consider what impact the various different outcomes might have .

One recent victory that seems to have been unnoticed is the passing of the Infrastructure Act. At the last moment a clause was inserted, and won parliamentary approval, which gives cycling and walking the same status in infrastructure projects as car, bus and train. This means that there has by law to be a ring fenced fund for cycling for probably the next 5-10 years. Result!

And then this evening to the University of Bath for a lecture. Do you know Widcombe Hill? Only 0.75 miles but my gradient marker on the Garmin computer went up to 18%. After 0.5 miles there is a long stretch at 16%. It was a lot easier on the way down.  I had the brakes on fairly hard and was still doing 35mph. Late night train back to Warminster. I think I’m getting used to this no car life.


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