Cycling Active

Cycling Active Magazine rang up this morning abut giving up the car for Lent. Cycling Active writes for people interested in touring and cycling in between town commuting and club racing. The journalist was friendly and asked questions about how far I cycle, and why I was doing it, and what impact it might have on my future work habits.

After that I spent the day cycling to see people who wanted to talk. Then into Salisbury on the train with bike, and more cycling round and about visiting people and fixing things.

By the end of the day I will have cycled twenty plus miles, and done 45 on the train. Not very far, but perhaps that is the point. Those small journeys add up, and if I can cut some of the car miles out post-Lent I will have done well.

The new Gore-Tex cycling top arrived from Wiggle, and it was too small. Or should that be I was too big? I’ll have to send it back.

Late night train back this evening, and then tomorrow off in the car to a family funeral in deepest Devon. It will be good to see family again, even on this occasion.


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