Dreaded Lurgy

Apologies for radio silence. Have been in bed with dreaded lurgy, which has prevented these spiritual and cyclical meanderings for a while. In a spirit of collaborative teamwork the Archdeacon has had it too – at least this means that cycling can’t be blamed.

I did discover that “dreaded lurgy” probably comes from the Goons, in which a music shop spread a rumour that a vile and fatal disease was sweeping the country (the dreaded lurgy) and that only those who played brass instruments would survive.

This all meant that my ambitious plans for cycling over the weekend disappeared in dreams, which was a shame. Apologies to the congregations of Alton Barnes and Sedgehill for not showing up. I will rearrange another occasion.

So, back on the train this morning. I lifted my eyes from saying morning prayer on the smartphone and there sailing smoothly down Route 24 which runs parallel to the track was a cyclist, hair streaming in the wind and a happy smile on her face.

The Songs of Praise clip went out yesterday afternoon. Not too embarrassing. You always wonder which bits they will put in after five hours of filming are distilled into three minutes of a story. They didn’t include the bit where we nearly fell off the tandem. They did slip in “All people that on earth do dwell” for me, even though they said they do not do requests.

Now to write a sermon for the licensing of a rural dean this evening. The readings that have been chosen are those set for the day which is fine, except that they are Rahab the Prostitute from Joshua, and the woman taken in adultery from John. If anyone has any way of connecting these to rural deanship plea contact me urgently. (And I had to fight spell check not to insist on spelling that as Rehab the prostitute).


One thought on “Dreaded Lurgy

  1. Lavender Buckland

    I do hope very much indeed that you will let us know how your sermon went – linking such unpropitious subjects, and trusting that the new Rural Dean is not a woman – that is a challenge few of us would have to face [thankfully]


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