Votes for bikes

The Cyclists’ Touring Club Magazine arrives, snappily entitled “Cycle”. It’s a marvellous mix of campaigning journalism, practical advice, reviews of bikes and equipment and reports of crazy trips. My favourite article was of the couple who traverses the Orkneys on their Brompton, simply folding it up and carrying it in their inflatable canoe between islands.

This edition compares the cycling policies of the parties. We’ve seen a lot of politicians posing (usually helmetless) on shiny bikes in London parks. David Cameron famously, cycled to the Commons, with his security details following him in a car. Boris cycled a 100  mile sportive which is impressive.

All the parties say they will take cycling seriously. This is at least a change from 2010 when cycling was scarcely mentioned, and UKIP declared that they would make cyclists pay parking fees, and would pass a law saying that cyclists should dismount and push at junctions.

I hate to say it but the SNP have done a great deal to promote cycling in Scotland. Somehow English nationalism might not be so kind.

All the parties appear to say much the same thing in their promises. The only difference is in their commitment to the £10 per head investment in cycling which would make the Infrastructure Act’s promise of a walking and cycling strategy come true.

Even I would not advocate voting for a party just because of their cycling advocacy, but if you are going to hustings why not ask about transport policy, the environment and cycling.  I’m chairing the one in Warminster on April 8th at Christ Church so I can’t ask a question myself but some else might be  coming along?


2 thoughts on “Votes for bikes

  1. Margaret Gibbs

    We love your blog but don’t chide the M.Ps for their helmetless heads when you are blithely shown letting the wind blow through your hair! Keep the pedals turning

    1. Ramsbury Post author

      Got me! We are all hypocrites. Although as a minor and very feeble excuse that photo was posed on the footpath in front of the cathedral by the diocesan media man. But then there is a sign saying no cycling so that only makes it worse.


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