End of term report

A successful day on the river for Oxford has much improved life. Youngest son also won his race in the Oxbridge Waterman’s Challenge which is one of the warm up races along the Boat Race course earlier in the afternoon. The Waterman is a replica of an 18th century river taxi. Some years ago we rowed one across the Channel.

So now where did Lent get to?

Spiritual Report. I am not one of those who lives in a perpetual religious high. I am one of those who catches glimpses of the divine.  I had many thoughts about prayer, pilgrimage and penitence on the bike. Beyond thoughts there are moments of awareness of somehow being in the presence. The pilgrimage walks were wonderful. Well, I had more glimpses per day that I usually do, so the report here is “satisfactory progress”

Fitness. Fitness was not my aim, but long slow rides have once again added to fitness. I normally go eyeballs out for 30 minutes in the gym as that’s all the time I have. Long and slow is more effective. Of course, all this has been shot to pieces by being ill for most of the last three weeks. Ugh. I do find it odd, however, that so many seem to believe that I must be ill because I cycle.

Fun.  Fun is a neglected concept in the Christian life. I have had a great deal of fun. Thanks to readers’ replies to this blog I also have a very much renewed Brompton, a tandem with a new front crank, and I have realised that the only solution to the wonky 5 speed gears on the Pashley is a new internal hub. Cycling is not cheap. I have also realised, sadly, that it would be impossible to do my job all year round relying on a bicycle.

Environmental impact I would not pretend for one minute that I have saved the planet,  but I have gained some good publicity for the cause. and we are now investigating  video conferencing to cut down on our diocesan mileage.

Next Year? Not sure. Ask me after Candlemas.


One thought on “End of term report

  1. John Dempsey

    I was sorry to hear that you were out of action for some 3 weeks because of illness- my wife likewise blames the cycling but she is not a cyclist and must therefore be wrong! I enjoyed and looked forward to your blogs and found them refreshing and informative- both spiritually and generally. Well done.
    We have just returned from a week in St David’s with glorious weather and have got to the
    (st)age (74 and73) with walking the coastal path we can enjoy dawdling and stopping to admire what is going on in nature- excellent bird life including the magnificent gannets and choughs. Plenty of time to think! The service in the Cathedral on Easter Day was excellent.
    Enjoy your cycling for pleasure.


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